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Welcome to Avalon Elevators Private Limited

Avalon Elevators Private Limited is a leading name in the vertical transportation industry, revolutionizing the way people and goods move within buildings across India. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and safety has made us a trusted partner in delivering state-of-the-art elevator solutions to a diverse range of sectors.

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Observation Elevator

The harmony of advanced technology, unique design and sophisticated atmosphere. Avalon observation elevator enriches the moving experience with spectacular views and a comfortable ambience.

Apart from being the center of attraction the observation elevator plays a key role in beautification of spaces such as malls, cinema halls, hotels, hospitals, residential apartments, and other commercial establishments where the outside view can enhance the overall experience of customers and lead to higher footfalls as well as increase the time spent at the establishment.

Automobile Elevator

Also known as car elevator, with the focus on Urban development, buildings continue to grow taller due to the influx of more people. To facilitate better Urban planning in cities, Automobile elevators are widely being utilized by Architects and Developers to create flexible and luxurious parking designs.

The Car elevator is engineered for heavy loads at variable speeds. It is designed to facilitate ease of maintenance which is also cost effective.

Hercules Freight Elevators

Hercules freight elevators are fully customized and designed to handle the full spectrum of goods and can be configured to suit your specific logistics requirements.

They are equipped with Heavy duty car and landing finishes for every day loading and unloading for all forms of goods transportation. Hercules elevators are used for lifting heavy as well as for voluminous material and are fitted with shutters for safety. They are also installed with hoists, push buttons and switches for ease of operation. Specially designed for various industrial applications, these lifts are renowned for optimum performance and minimal maintenance.

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At Avalon Elevators Private Limited, we value your inquiries and are eager to assist you. Whether you have questions about our elevator products, need a customized solution.

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“I was impresed by the services provided by Avalon Elevators Private Limited Their lift designs are very innovative, and unique. I strongly recommend this company to anyone looking to get lift installed or services.”

Vineet Singh


“We are extremely satisfied with the product and services from Avalon Elevators Private Limited. They are the top lift company in Delhi that delivers the same as promised for the agreed pricing.”

Sonika D. Silva


“After diligently comparing the price and the product offered in the market, I ended up choosing Avalon Elevators Private Limited, known to be the top elevator company in Delhi for installation of elevators in my workplace.”

Abhishek Kumar